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Amie’s follow forever - 2013

After more than two years on tumblr I’m finally making my first follow forever. I’ve been following most of these people for a long time, some of them since my first day on tumblr. I even had the chance to meet some of them, and I wish I could meet all the others. You are all amazing, thank you for making my adventure on tumblr so good. 

With a special mention to Elodie ; I wouldn’t be on tumblr without her. And she’s always here for me, texting me all day long, supporting me, encouraging me when I need it, shouting at me when I need it too, helping me for my edits and for also lots of things in the real life, we share all our feelings together and I would have died because of them a long time ago without her. You must have seen me talking about her every now and then on this blog, and I really hope at least one of you are shipping us as brotp because if our lifes were a tvshow, I would totally ship ourselves. 

And here is the list of all the amazing people that make my dash a wonderful world :

Ali - Alyssa - Ani - Anne - Bec - Caro - Cazzie - Charina - Clare - Claudia - Courtney - Danica - Deirdre - Emma Fanny  -Flo - Hannah - Hannah - Jenn - Jo - Julia - Katie - Kaz - Kristi - Lilla - Liz - Marta - Mary - Matt - Megan - Megan - Megs - Pam - Pearls - Rach - Sam - Sarah - Susie - Tracy 

Thank you.

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