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It has activated, ma’am. But I’m no use to you if I can’t remember.

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you both have lives here. beautiful, messy lives. that is what makes you so fabulously… human.

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Make me choose 

kinusking asked: Irene Adler or River Song?

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I loved you, I disliked you, we argued and we kissed; Your face, your touch, your scent forever I shall miss; To hold you in my arms again, my soul no longer lost; I’d pay the price and gladly have no worry to the cost.

They say that life gets better and time will ease the pain; They’re fools who cannot see the truth, it can never be the same; No daytime and no nighttime just hour on hour on hour; And time has no more meaning now life’s not sweet it’s sour.

Some think we have a life-force or a soul some others say; If I had one I know it died that dreadful, dreadful day; Sometimes I know I hurt you, I know that was so true; But please forgive me for those wrong For I always will love you.

~Colin Jarratt

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coming home    


Chapters 1+2 (complete)

Words: 3,050
Characters/Relationship : Doctor/River Song
Rated : M
Summary : <p>The first door he opened was the room of his child - their child, he corrected himself. The notion still seemed odd, even after all this time, that the Universe could hold a living being made both of him and River. That somewhere she was breathing, laughing, running, a time traveller herself, leaving her print in History. He often wondered if he had already met her without knowing it was her. He didn’t know, and still had to find out, but that was also a part of the mystery he didn’t want to solve yet. Somehow she was still a little girl for him and he couldn’t wrap his head around the notion of an adult version of her ruling the universe. Not when he could see her currently standing up in her cot, waving at him and bouncing as she spotted him. </p>

Chapter 1 and 2 can be read separately. First cute and rated G, second smutty.

A/NIt’s been a long long time since I wrote something for that series… But time-baby is one of my favourite thing so I’ll probably keep writing fics every now and then.
This one takes place after To build a home.
A huge thanks for Sam for her beta.
And a happy River/Doctor appreciation day to everyone!

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 Doctor & River + caring for each other.

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"I will keep the color of your eyes when no other in the world remembers your name."  - Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

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t a r d i s

t a r d i s

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